About us


Class Act 3 Rules of Quality


We have been remodeling for many years and have a reputation with our clients of providing quality, customer service, professionalism, and reliability, While holding ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to working on your project, we use the best materials, paying close attention to all the details and strive to be the best Home Renovators in the Austin area. The very reason we put so much effort on quality and customer service. Our most particular customers have allowed us to gain the expertise and knowledge from the work we have done for them. Their desire for beauty and detail made us one of the best in the area. Years ago we learned what it means to do a quality job when working on someone else’s project.


Trust is one of the biggest issues when hiring someone to come into your home or property and do the work you need. Trust that you are paying a fair price, trust that the work will be done the way you want it, trust that the person will show up on time and complete the job when they said they would, and finally trust that person working inside home. You don’t just want anyone in your home, and we understand this. The way we do business is not just to be working on your project but building a relationship. We want you to trust us with your projects now, and all your projects in the future. We want to build that relationship with you and have you pass that trust to your friends and families. Word of mouth is the best way to do business!


We have been painting and building for more than 25 years. We bring a level of professionalism that is unmatched by most skilled tradesmen. I have a license in residential building construction so I have the ability to find solutions and resolve problems. I have worked for major corporations in the past as a Quality Engineer and as a Project Manager. I bring the skills that I have learned in the corporate world to my work as a painter/builder, such as having a statement of work, a schedule, a budget, expectations for the completion of the work, and sign-off by the client when the work is complete. Quality to me means meeting or exceeding the your expectations.